Grateful Patient Bill Vance

Bill Vance

Two-Time Heart Attack Survivor Honors Mercy Caregivers

Now recovered from back-to-back heart attacks, grateful patient Bill Vance is once again enjoying his favorite pastime - astronomy.  

Military pilots are highly trained to handle emergency situations, such as engine loss or a malfunction of controls. But nothing could prepare retired Air Force pilot Bill Vance for the greatest health emergencies of his life: two heart attacks, less than two months apart.

Just as pilots rely on their first officers to help navigate crisis situations and avert tragedy, Bill Vance trusted Mercy cardiologist Arvin Arthur to guide him through treatment for and recovery from his serious heart condition. Bill’s breastbone hadn’t fully healed from bypass surgery he had following the first attack, so when he arrived at Mercy General Hospital he was frightened to face another surgery.

His fears were eased by Dr. Arthur, who opted to treat Bill’s extremely critical condition with five stents. “It is absolutely amazing what Dr. Arthur was able to do that day,” said Bill, who has since recovered. “I know that I am alive and well today because of his skills. I am most grateful to him.”

Bill expressed his gratitude by making a gift to Mercy Foundation. “I wanted to honor Dr. Arthur for his superb skills, kindness and sensitivity,” he said. He also is grateful for the high-quality care he received by other Mercy health-care workers, from the ICU nurses and his nutritionist to the ultrasound technician who detected minor clots in his leg. “I believe I received the best possible treatment and care while at Mercy,” he said.

Bill’s financial contribution will help Mercy General Hospital continue its high quality of care by supporting training to keep physicians and other health-care workers up-to-date on the latest techniques, treatments and procedures. “It takes additional sources of funding to operate one of the finest cardiac hospitals on the West Coast,” he said. “Some of that funding can come from those who benefit most from the superb care at Mercy. We wanted to be part of that.”

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